How I Make My Jump Rings

  A question I am often asked is “How do I make my own jump Rings?”

  • I am going to tell you right now, that it is not my business to instruct others to make jump rings.  In fact I do not recommend it – not because I don’t want the competition or loss of sales – but because it is not fast, easy, or cheap, and most people find that out after wasting a lot of time and money.  I hate to see people waste money.
  • The jump ring making suppliers – Pepe, Beadalon etc like to promote the idea that it is fast and easy, but it is NOT.
  • Making a coil in an arbitrary size is not hard. Making a precise size and then cutting it so the ends are perfect and then taking the additional steps to finish it (washing, tumbling, washing again, anodizing, oxidizing, sorting it from the tumbling media, drying, picking out any that are not perfect, double checking the size) takes years of practice, specialized equipment (many that I custom make), expertise and patience….and a family that helps me out!
  • I carry my own handmade jump rings as well as the Best Commercially Made jump rings available so you have a choice in the price of the rings that you buy. I make jump rings out of every conceivable metal and can make most any size your project needs.

Spend YOUR time being creative. Let ME make your jump rings.

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