Covering Cut Ends of Enameled Wire

Do you love to worked with enameled copper or other plated or coated wires, but aren’t enamored with the cut ends flashing the copper core? Well, then this weeks tip is perfect for you!

I have found that for most colored wire you can find a Sharpie marker that will match well enough, so you just color those little cut ends and go on your merry way.

But what about gold and silver wires?

The best solution I have found to this is Krylon’s leafing pens! They are available in most craft stores and come in two shades of gold, as well as silver and copper.

They are pretty much a paint pen, but with a high quality metal leaf paint, so they match almost perfectly! The paint is also completely opaque, so none of the copper core shows through.

You do have to make sure you wait for the paint to dry before applying, as it can get everywhere otherwise!

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