Customer of the Week – Mandy Capraun of Unique2chicdesigns

This week we are featuring Mandy of Unique2chicdesigns! Mandy makes great wire wrapped jewelry and loves to let her creativity shine 🙂

Here is the artist, in her own words:

“Jewelry for any occasion, from my home to yours. (This is my slogan…lol)

Jewelry is something that I have always noticed; in commercials, on people, displayed in the stores. I just love how MANY variations there are when it comes to wearable art. And, that’s the thing, jewelry is completely art. I get excited when “playing” around with new ideas.

But, it wasn’t starting out with jewelry that got the creative juices flowing, if you will. For me, before there was jewelry, I was (am) a cake decorator for several years. I still make cakes for special occasions for family and friends. I LOVE it! Cakes and jewelry, what could be better?! I pride myself on being self taught and I am always up for a new challenge. I can’t wait to learn so much more in the future! ~Unique2chicdesigns”

Check out Mandy’s Etsy shop, as well as her Facebook page for more lovely creations!

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