Featured Customer of the Week: Caro Cerén of BioArteNatureJewelry!

This weeks featured customer is Caro Cerén of BioArteNatureJewelry! Caro makes stunning preserved butterfly wing jewelry that is so well crafted they look like they will fly away! Check out her story:

“If you have ever visited a Butterfly House, perhaps as part of a Conservatory, Zoo, Natural History Museum, Botanical Gardens, or the like, farms like ours in the Tropics around the world are the suppliers of butterfly pupae for such places. Since 1989 my husband, who is a trained ecologist, directs the farm operation, the breeding, the research, the wardens for the Private Forest Reserve, and infinite incredible tasks and also gives me all his support. On my side, I also work full time on my butterfly farm, the pupae export, the butterfly release in my country and lately also in butterfly wing jewelry, with the rest of tasks that having an Etsy shop implies, photographing, describing, translating, shipping…

The idea of making jewelry with butterfly wings started when someone gave me a pair of Chinese real butterfly earrings. By that time, I had been hoarding butterfly wings for years, about twenty years, unable to trash them, when I found the butterflies that died naturally in our breeding areas and surrounding gardens and forests. I had made and sold some products locally, such as trays, tables, etc and I had been keeping the wings all together by the buckets and in a real mess. So I realized that for jewelry purposes, I had to start sorting them and finding the pairs for making the earrings. It ended up being a huge task that kept me busy and very entertained for weeks! While doing this, I immediately started gathering wings of the same butterflies together from the beginning! I started to find out more about resins, acrylics, polyesters and so on, and trying by myself through trial and error. I think I succeeded only because I persisted neurotically until I was happy with the result.

At first I never thought about opening a shop at Etsy. I only had a small local shop, which I still have. I became a member of Etsy as a shopper at first because every time I was looking for something on the web, the best choices were Etsy suppliers for the jewelry project I was carrying out. Then I observed that I could sell items as well, so I just tried, for the fun of it. I took my photos, and in about five weeks I had sold my first item! I was not expecting it at all and it gave me enormous joy! Since then I have had fun on Etsy and I feel I have found a community of great artists, artisans and wonderful and inspiring people with whom to share interests and experiences.

When I first started making jewelry with the wings of butterflies, I started searching for good quality findings everywhere and that is how I found UnkamenSupplies. I got my first stainless steel jump rings, memory wire, and hooks, and I stayed with this lovely team, not only because I needed the best quality and looks for my precious jewels, but because every time I purchase I feel welcome, no matter how many questions I ask or how little my orders are, I have found friends and great allies at UnkamenSupplies.”

We are so glad that Caro found us and that we can be part of her stunning creations! Check out her Etsy shop to see more beautiful pieces and follow her on Facebook!

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