Featured Customer of the Week – Lara Braithwaite of BellaPuzzles!

This week we are featuring Lara of BellaPuzzles! She makes amazing handcut wooden puzzles and in her spare time she likes to take a break and work on some of our custom made kits:-)

Here is more about Lara and her puzzles, in her own words:

“I’m Lara Braithwaite, and I love a good puzzle, a challenging research assignment, or a chance to learn a new skill. I share a happy, nerdy, bookish, and sawdusty life with my daughter and “Mr. Cat.”

I’ve been making custom wooden jigsaw puzzles since 2005. I make photo puzzles, art puzzles, and wedding puzzles.

The majority of my puzzles are custom orders, designed to reflect a specific client’s personality, name, or interests. Nowhere is this more true than in my wedding puzzles, which are personalized with names, dates, and more.

I have the best job in the world. First of all, it’s a pleasure to get to know each client, collaborate with them on their puzzle design, and then make their puzzle even better than they imagined it could be. Secondly, I am always dreaming up new types of puzzles to make. Every puzzle I make is a unique design. That means I make five to fifteen unique puzzles a week. That’s challenging – it’s what keeps my job exciting and keeps me growing.”

Check out Lara’s Etsy shops, one for art puzzles and one for wedding puzzles!

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