Featured Customer of the Week: Rickie C. of TheLandLockedDogTwo!

This week we are featuring Rickie from TheLandLockedDog! Rickie makes stunning hand stamped jewelry and keychains that we all love! Here is her story:

“It began with all natural, holistic dog treats and became so much more! My shop was originally Sophie’s Seabiscuits and opened in 2010. I gave the shop a hiatus of a year when opening a boutique in Feeding Hills, MA in 2011.

The store came and went but I found my real passion of handstamping. Handmade stamped tags were added to the shop in September of 2012. I’ve picked up a lot of furry family members along the way. It’s been a ride but a lot of fun!

Due to the economy, I found overhead for the boutique not cost effective and closed the doors of The Landlocked Dog. I now have the time to devote to my real love of handstamping and plan to expand from only dog tags, into gifts and jewelry items.

I have done all of this with constant companionship of my three dogs and three cats, who keep me company, make me stop stamping every once in a while and always keep me laughing.

Due to the popularity and uniqueness of my guitar pick keepsakes, I will opening a new Etsy shop, OnePickPony. It will be open by the 1st of April and will be the first shop on Etsy featuring bronze picks!”

Check out Rickie’s Etsy shop, or follow her on Facebook to keep up with her creations and her animals’ antics!

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