Featured Customer of the Week: Rita of Catmade!

This week we are featuring Rita of Catmade and her too cute creations! We all love the cat earrings she makes and admire the quality of her work. Here is more about Catmade from Rita herself:

My name is Rita! I live in the heart of Siberia, one of the snowiest cities of Russia – Novosibirsk.
All that you can see in the internet store “Catmade” is made by my hands.
Creating jewelry for me is not just a hobby, but something more. It all started when one day I caught a cold and was looking for what would to do. Accidentally I stumbled on an entertaining article about modeling from polymeric clay. Seeing what wonderful things were made by the masters, I decided to try it by myself.

At first I did jewelry for myself, later friends asked me to do something for them … In a short time we opened an online store.
This is my story!
I love cats, so most of my jewelry is about the cat theme! Three wonderful cat live at my house. Cat Ryzhun is my muse, Wolf, and a cat named Busia. They never stop to inspire and amaze me. I hope that the project “Catmade” will delight you as it pleases me :)”

Find all of Rita’s adorable feline creations at her Etsy ShopWebsiteFacebook, and Twitter and bask in the cuteness!

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