Gauge Chart for Wire and Jump Rings

 Understanding wire gauge will make purchasing and working with jewelry wire easier. Wire diameter is measured in gauges. There are two different wire gauge systems that are used; AWG (American Wire Gauge) and SWG (Standard Wire Gauge). Canada and Great Britain both use SWG primarily while The USA and The Rest-of-the-World use AWG primarily. Unkamen uses AWG. This chart provides a comparison of gauge thickness in both inches and millimeters. Note that the larger the gauge, the thinner the wire (28 gauge is much thinner than 14 gauge). For a point of reference, 20 gauge is the “standard” ear wire size. The most common shapes of wire are round, half round and square. I make jump rings from both round and square wire. Half Round wire is commonly used for wire wrapping in the thinner gauges and in bangle making in the thicker gauges.

 I make jump rings in 10-24 gauge, with 18 gauge being the most popular. I sell wire in 4-34 gauges and I not only carry round, half round and square, but twisted square, twisted round and rectangle! I hope this chart helps you, I know a lot of the sizes off the top of my head, but I still refer to this exact chart daily.

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