The Changing Colors of Enameled Copper

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your colored wires seems to be different shades?

Enameled coated copper wire is terrific because there is no other way to get such a variety of vivid colors. Unfortunately, similar to other colored products like yarn, they can vary from batch/lot to batch/lot.

When I fill my customers orders I always try to match up the tones, but it isn’t always possible. Sometimes the wires are actually the same color, but the thickness of the wire causes light to reflect differently from the various gauges so our eyes see them as different. Thinner gauges such as 24 and 26 gauge often appear more saturated than 16 or 14 gauge due to the color being in such a small area.

Both the silvered and non-silvered colors can have this effect, though I have found the non-silvered colors look more consistent as there is no reflective silver plating to reflect the color back to the eye multiple times.

So next time you have two coils of the same color and wonder why they seems different you will know why!

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