Types of Gold Wire

How complicated can gold wire be?

  • Not all gold wire contains actual gold
  • Some gold wire has gold plating on the outside
  • Some gold wire has a another metal on the inside
  • Some gold wire is solid

Let me explain.  We offer several types of “gold” wire.

  • Gold Colored Wire
    • Gold Colored Wire is copper wire that is plated with fine silver, colored gold, and then coated with a clear enamel.  It is the easiest and least expensive way to get gold color in your work.  While it is perfectly acceptable for fashion bracelets I do not recommend it for rings or other high wear items.
  • 24kt Gold Plated Wire
    • 24kt Gold Plated Wire is copper wire plated with a thin layer of 24kt gold.  While gold plated wire does give you a rich gold color it will also wear over time.  Gold plated wire will tarnish faster than the other options, partially because of the copper leaching through from the inside.    I recommend it for fashion pieces rather than 24/7 wear.
  • Gold Filled Wire
    • Gold Filled Wire is 5% real gold bonded to a brass core.  Gold filled wire isn’t solid, but it’s sometimes so difficult to tell the  difference that I have trouble myself.  Where gold plating may wear off relatively quickly, gold filled wire will last 30 years.  I strongly recommend this option because of the lower price and higher durability.
  • Solid Gold Wire
    • Solid Gold Wire is exactly that.  It is solid gold and very expensive.  I offer it on request.  If your project needs that extra something, solid gold might be for you.


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