Featured Customer of the Week: Mariah Rea of BarbedWireJewelry!

This week’s featured customer is Mariah Rea of BarbedWireJewelry! Mariah makes beautiful wire wrapped jewelry and steampunk inspired accessories, as well as tutus and facinators!  Check out her story:

“Hello, I am Mariah Rea and I make one of a kind, handmade jewelry from cameo’s done in a vintage style to wire wrapped gemstones, to steampunk and in between. 

My mission is to bring one of a kind handmade jewelry available to all. I would like everyone to be able to own a personal treasure, make it affordable, something that will last and you can pass down through the generations. 

barbed wire jewelry  board

This all started as something my daughter and I did when she fell in roller derby practice and broke her leg. I was helping with her girls (my grand daughter’s) and she needed something to do to keep her busy.

We began making stacked boutique bows with interchangeable bottle caps, then fascinators, tutu’s, then jewelry and it just grew from there. My daughter has taken over the bows and tutu’s and bubble gum bead necklaces and I have found my love with jewelry making. 

barbedwirejewelry board

I came upon wire wrapping and was instantly hooked. I spend each day practicing and getting better. My daughter and I still work right next to each other, her making bows and I am making my jewelry. It has made us learn how to better listen to one another and work together to accomplish one common goal, and that’s doing something we love to do. 

barbed wire jewelry 5 board

Now my mission is to bring one of a kind and handmade back at an affordable price so that everyone can have something unique that will last and they can pass it down throughout the generations.”


You can see more of Mariah’s creations in her Etsy Shop!

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