Featured Customer of the Week: Erin Baird of Nightsongs and Daydreams

This week we are featuring Erin Baird of Nightsongs and Daydreams, a loyal customer who has found a passion for chainmaille! Check out all of her great creations:

night rainbow board

Hi! I’m Erin, a wannabe full-time writer and a part-time crafter. I love chainmaille, altered art, mixed-media art and decoupage (especially on bamboo tiles) and I recently found myself becoming addicted to making jewelry.

night eattings board

I really appreciate the top quality supplies I get from UnkamenSupplies, and I might never have discovered my (obsessive) love of chainmaille if it wasn’t for Ralph’s kits!

night song black board

I try to tap into the same muses that inspire my writing to inspire my jewelry, so you can expect a lot of fantasy-driven pieces from me in the future. ^_^

night sets board matted

Check out all of Erins pieces in her Etsy shop!

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