Featured Customer of the Week: Christina “Yavie” Sterman

This week we are featuring Christina of Handmade for You by Yavie! Christina dabbles in a little bit of everything and has a blast with all of it! Check out her creations and her story:

“Hey (: I’m Christina ‘Yavie’ Sterman. I started making jewelry a few years
ago, on a whim, after seeing something I liked that was too expensive for me
to buy. (That’s also how I got into making duct tape purses!) When I first
tried chainmaille, I found I just did not have the patience for it and gave up
in disgust, telling myself I wasn’t good enough. Recently, I picked it up
again and am finding it easier to wrap my brain around how to do it. I’m
starting slow with the easy stuff, and still buy kits from UnkamenSupplies
when I can’t figure out how much of something I need. Lately, due to that evil
entity Pinterest, I discovered nail polish flowers. I immediately tried it and
have found it quite enjoyable. I’ve been making flowers, bubbles, spirals and
other geometric shapes.

A couple of months ago I decided to delve into the world of terrariums! When I
was quite young, my mom had a “plant room”, and in the center of it all was
this enormous bottle with a tiny opening. It was lying on it’s side and just
filled with plants and mosses. I’d stare at that thing for hours, wondering
how she got it all in there and imagining myself playing inside (: Now with my
own terrariums, I try to make little worlds for others to imagine themselves


I also do realistic pet portraits using Copic markers. I started this on a
whim when some friends lost their cat. I saw the photo they shared on FB of
Ellie and grabbed my markers and got going! I never knew I had it in me to
draw until I was inspired by that image to try – I guess now I know where my
daughter got her drawing ability 😀


You can see that I’m sort of all over the place with my crafts and art, but
that’s how I like it. Keeps me from getting bored and I’m also always learning
new things! In fact, I just put away all of my duct tape supplies and the
table I used to create on and just tonight got an idea for some new bags,
oops! I’m starting to put a lot of energy into craft shows after meeting some
stupendous people at one I did back in December, so that’s where you can
mostly find my stuff for sale. I may reopen my Etsy shop in the near future.”

You can find more of Christina’s work on her Facebook page! 

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