Featured Customer of the Week – Laura Fisher of PrayerMonkey!

This week we are featuring Laura Fisher of PrayerMonkey! Laura makes stunning crochet wire jewelry and sculptures and goes to lots of awesome craft shows!


“My name is Laura and I live and craft in Richmond, VA with my wonderful husband John.

One dark Halloween night, many years ago, a woman named Linda, who was in labor, refused to go to the hospital until all the candy had been passed out to the children. Eighteen minutes before midnight, I was born. She named me Laura because she hoped that I would be tall and graceful. Her predictions were half-realized.
My mom was the first of the strong-willed, enterprising women that I have had in my life. I learned to cook, sew, crochet, and do my own laundry at a very early age. I still remember (cringing) the fabulous “rug” I crocheted for my second grade teacher.
Fast Forward to many years and projects later, my friends started calling me the “Grunge Martha Stewart.”. I cooked and crafted before it was really cool to do both.


Throughout the years my crochet creations were sold at some great Richmond boutiques and I even have been featured in fashion shows and in print.

Now I am a horticulturist by trade, although a bad knee injury last summer sort of totally stopped that profession in it’s track and I started scrambling to figure out what to do for a living. A friend suggested crocheting wire jewelry and I started to research it. I got it into my head that I wanted to crochet wire but didn’t want it to look like anything I had seen before. I didn’t want to do the jumbled sort of jewelry I was finding as examples-I wanted to be more precise. 


Today, I’m pretty happy with what I create even though I am my own worst critic. I love making my jewelry and I love experimenting, including my new EPOX jewelry that came from having leftover epoxy after doing our kitchen counter.”

Check out all of Laura’s beautiful creations in her Etsy shop, on her Facebook page, or on her Blog!

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