Featured Customer of the Week – Shannon of Vixens Natural Jewelry

 This week we are featuring Shannon of Vixens Natural Jewelry! Shannon has a magic touch with wire that yields stunning Tree of Life pendants and a myriad of other beautiful wire wrapped creations. Check out her story:

pic two

Nature inspired jewelry. Earthy, Rustic, Organic, Whimsical. I hand make everything. I love making bird nest pendants, rose rings, and tree of life, and tree with moon jewelry. My peas in a pod pendants are very popular. I also make tribal style jewelry. I enjoy meeting new people.

pic three

The Tree of Life has many meanings. My favorite is that we are all connected. It is a Universal symbol found in many spiritual traditions around the world. It symbolizes life itself. The branches reaching for the Heavens, and its buried roots linking to Earth.
There is something magical about cutting wire off of a spool, and turning it into a sculpture. I usually sip on coffee, go outside to create. Sometimes I sit by the window and let my hands guide me. I intuitively listen to the wire. It will tell me where to twist and bend. I guess the best way to describe it is lining our will powers together in unison. It is a harmonious dance, very organic. During that time I feel alive and completely in the moment. All chatter turns off in my head, and I feel like I am connected. It is the best feeling ever. The end result is a pretty tree, with a deeper meaning.
My mood can really influence how they look. If I am feeling happy, they are whimsical. If I am sad, they usually have a lot of soul to them. If I am feeling devious they might be really gnarly. I love how they have their own personalities. I find my rhythm in nature, and am always inspired by it. Thanks for supporting my art!


Check out the rest of Shannon’s work in her Etsy shop and follow her on Facebook!


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