Featured Customer of the Week – Beth Kaya of BethKaya Boutique

This week we are featuring Beth Kaya of BethKaya Boutique! Beth Kaya is a multi-talented artist who makes beautiful things for every aspect of life! Check out her story:

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“After spending a decade in Corporate Marketing and Jewelry Design School (FIT) in NYC & flirting with festivals and fleamarkets on the side – I settled down on the Jersey Shore to design full time and tend my family. I provide creative and intuitive services, solutions and goods to people, businesses and events. This shop is my digital store front and a snap shot of the pieces and collections I am working on currently. These items are unique, laced with heart, spirit and style. I study holistic arts and light work practices and am also a gem and vintage fanatic. I have spent years traveling and sourcing sacred materials from all over the world to create these pieces with. All of the leather, feathers, wings, bone and other natural materials I use have ALL been ethically sourced & fairly traded to the best of my known ability. 

My particular interest in jewelry is born from the notion that it is among one of the oldest forms of moving and transferable art. It is coveted and cherished and is a moving exhibit. Ever since I was child kid ancient cultures, symbols, and materials have simply captivated me. Once upon a time there was a little pocket inside of library books that listed every person who had checked a book out before. One section of the library had books on Gemstones, Rocks and Minerals, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Jewelry. These books were chalk full of images. My name was on those cards, repeated, sometimes front and back. Jewelry is some of the oldest, treasured items. Our
earliest ancestors wore jewelry. Our ancient ancestors had very intricate and ornate items and often clothes.
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My work has become a homage to neo ancient sacred materials, motifs, symbols, knowledges and mystics. Using my signature style I create one of a kind pieces that simply bring others the same joy, healing and meditation I achieved while creating it. 

For the hull of a decade in corporate america I gained a lot of experience in the realm of high level support, execution of logistics that pertain to events, team and morale fostering. By night I studied Fashion and Jewelry Design formally at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Now a mother and wife, I run a design firm from home. My work is heavily laced in spirit and nature. BethKaya Design and Consulting specializes in support and solutions for creative needs large and small as well as one of a kind, unique, spiritual items. “


Take a look at the rest of her stunning creations in her Etsy shop!


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