Featured Customer of the Week – Kristie Jones of TheMysticMermaid

This week we are featuring Kristie Jones of TheMysticMermaid! Kristie makes stunning beach glass jewelry that is sure to delight!

tall gold and mint  TheMysticMermaid board

“I am so fortunate to live so close to the beach and be able to collect all the gems the ocean has to offer. My sea glass jewelry is made using ONLY Genuine sea glass that has been tumbled by the strong ocean currents, sand and lots of time. Once trash or tossed over board bottles are transformed into beautiful heirlooms to last a lifetime !

tall TheMysticMermaid ring board
Do you have a special piece of sea glass that you found and would like it to be made into a special piece for you or a loved one ? I can do that for you as well. I have done many custom orders using other peoples sea glass, pottery shards and sea shells. Contact me and we can work out all the details. I’ll send you photo’s in step by step format so if there are any changes to be made, we can make them right away! I have also done custom order and pieces for brides as well looking to have a beach theme wedding.

tall sea glass TheMysticMermaid board
I also use sea glass from other places such as England, Spain, California, Italy and Puerto Rico. All of my Abalone shells come from New Zealand and my Wampum sea shells are only found in a very few places here on the East Coat.

If you ever have any questions about a piece you see in my shop or need a custom order, just let me know. I’m always here to help.”

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