Featured Customer of the Week: Barbara of MaryDevotions

This week we are featuring Barbara of Mary Devotions! Read on for her story:

mary devotions (1)

“I am a Catholic wife and mother of four children from ages 12-24, in the Midwest. I make rosaries, scapulars, and religious jewelry, as a result of my devotion to the blessed Mother and her most holy Son.

Making rosaries is my apostolate. I feel I have been called to help bring Catholics closer to Jesus Christ through the rosary. I make rosaries for others at cost, adding no labor fees. Making Mary Devotions is a labor of love.
tall dream First Holy Communion veil mary de
When I am not making rosaries, or sewing scapulars, you’ll find me in the kitchen cooking, or more likely, baking, or at the sewing machine quilting or sewing for my daughter. I also enjoy knitting, gardening, reading and creating my own natural “beauty” products. Some day I hope to open another shop featuring homemade hygiene products for women and babies, and hand knit washcloths and bibs for baby.

I also homeschool my youngest child, and keep track of my three sons, one in high school, one in college, and one in the work force.


The two Unkamen supplies I order most often are the 20 gauge non-tarnishing silver wire and the 20 gauge vintage bronze wire, both of which I use to make wire-wrapped rosaries — virtually indestructible rosaries. I also, however, love the 20 gauge brass wire, but because brass rosary parts are more difficult to come by, I don’t use it as often. Though it makes a very pretty rosary.

rosary mary devotions
Besides using the wire for making wrapped rosaries I also make traditional link style rosaries, cutting each link and turning the pins by hand.
One of the more popular items in my shop recently is a bracelet made entirely from Unkamen supplies. It is a bracelet worn as a symbol of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a reminder to those who have consecrated themselves to Mary that we are slaves to Jesus and Mary. While certainly more beautiful than “slave chains” this bracelet is a simple but beautiful constant reminder of our devotion.”



Barbara has more of her beautiful rosaries listed in her Etsy shop, so check them out!

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