Featured Customer of the Week – Marci Johnson of Dr J Designs

This week we are featuring Marci Johnson (Dr. J) of DrJDesigns! Here is her story of creative passion:

I’m a retired aerospace executive that has found a new passion.  I’ve discovered that building jewelry is as much fun as building airplanes!

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I’ve always been a crafter…. Painting, crochet, knitting, needlepoint, embroidery, etc. My mom and grandmother have been awesome influences and teachers.  But I really found the fun when I started creating jewelry.  I’ve done a lot of different types of jewelry making:  silver-smithing, leather, wire weaving, kumihimo, wrapped bracelets, bead stringing, metal embossing, bead crochet, bead weaving (wow, is that detailed!), and yes, even rubber band weaving.  I love to experiment and try new things relative to jewelry – you might even say that I’m a little ADD when it comes to jewelry since I want to try out anything that strikes my fancy!

My current jewelry obsession is beaded woven, macramé, and braided bracelets.  They are so fun for summer!

You will be able to view these beauties in my shop next month.  Find me at www.drjdesigns.etsy.com or email me at drjdesigns@cox.net

Despite my jewelry obsession of the month, I always find myself coming back to make chainmaille bracelets and earrings.  There is something so satisfying about creating a lovely piece from simple jump rings.  I love how versatile these bracelets are and often find myself stacking chainmaille with my latest obsession.


These bracelets are from one of Ralph’s kits….. aren’t they awesome for summer?!?!  I’ve tried a LOT of different jump rings, but I have to tell ya that there isn’t any better quality and customer service than what is provided by the folks at Unkamen Supplies.  Their stuff makes “unkamenly” beautiful chainmaille!


No matter how you stack it, jewelry making is an awesome (and sometimes frustrating) creative endeavor!

And for those of you wondering……

P.S. My jewelry DOES take up three whole drawers in my dresser!  A girl’s gotta have options!  J

P.S.S. Yes, I AM a doctor.  My standard prescription?  Make one bracelet and I promise you will feel better!  (Chuckle.  No, I’m not a medical doctor.)

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