Featured Customer of the Week – Lucy of Love Peach!

This week we are featuring Lucy of Love Peach! Check out her story, creations, and new website below:

“Hi my name’s Lucy and I recently created my own online jewellery store called LovePeach. I have been designing jewellery since a young girl, starting out making friendship bracelets to share in the playground and making jewellery for my Barbies! I recently made the leap to self employment, leaving a career in advertising to pursue my passions in jewellery and enjoy more creative pursuits!

Love Peach by Lucy

The style of jewellery that I make is feminine, delicate and timeless with a modern bohemian feel. Each can be worn on its own but I love to layer or stack multiple pieces to match my mood that day. I particularly love using gemstones and crystals in the use of my jewellery for their natural, exquisite beauty and individual gemstone meanings. And I love splashes of colour!!
Love Peach Jewelry
I’m loving the new learnings and experiences this new life is giving me and my head is brimming with ideas for new jewellery pieces I want to try in the near future.”

One thought on “Featured Customer of the Week – Lucy of Love Peach!

  1. Having and sharing your excitement for life is the best gift!! Thanks for sharing yours, wishing you light and love along your way!

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