Care and Cleaning of Niobium and Titanium Jewlery

I am sure you all know how to clean sterling silver jewelry, whether you use a dip, a cloth, or a paste, but what do you do when your titanium and niobium jewelry gets dull? I can tell you! Rainbow Niobium Rings First of all, niobium and titanium does not tarnish! However, over time, skin oils and dirt can build up on the surface of your jewelry and make the colors faded and dull. Not to fear, the colors are not really fading! To bring them back to their original luster, you just need to give the jewelry a gentle scrub with soap and water. Pat the piece dry with a paper towel or soft cloth and bask in the refreshed color! Color Guide Anodized Niobium Keeping anodized niobium or titanium jewelry looking fresh is easy! Anodizing the metal affects the top layer of natural oxide on the surface of the piece, changing how that layer reflects wavelengths of light back to your eye, thus changing what color is seen by the viewer. This is why when dirt, lotion, and skin oils build up on the surface of the metal, the anodized color seems dull. The light is being reflected back you the eye differently. This also means that while the colors are very durable, they can be scratched with enough abuse. To make the colors last as long as possible, just follow these tips:

  • When cleaning, use a soft cloth or plastic scrubby to dislodge dirt.
  • Avoid wearing the piece in such a way that it is in constant contact with other pieces of metal that could scratch it.
  • In the case of bracelets or finger rings, don’t wear them when gardening or skateboarding(or any other activity where it would be likely to beat up the piece)

Rainbow Niobium Earwires Overall, just use common sense! Your piece should last a lifetime with these simple steps of care and cleaning.

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