Featured Customer of the Week: Kylie of Mint and Heart

This week we are featuring Kylie of Mint and Heart! Kylie makes eye catching pieces that are dainty and versatile! Check out her story:


“I grew up in Australia and studied Applied Arts at the University of New South Wales. Although jewellery making was offered as a major, I decided to major in textiles. But, I have always loved dainty, simple jewelry and was curious as to how to make it for myself. I now live and reside in lovely California. I started learning how to make very simple and dainty jewelry for myself, family and friends. Creating these dainty pieces first started out as curiosity, then fascination and now passion! I love creating dainty jewelry that adds a lovely, subtle touch to a person.
MintandHeartI hand make personalized, dainty jewelry that adds the perfect detail to any outfit. My designs are simple, delicate and the pieces are affordable so that it can be worn everyday.

Each piece is handcrafted by me and made with a whole lot of Heart! Thank you for choosing Mint & Heart, I hope you enjoy the piece you’ve selected as I have enjoyed creating it for you. May each tiny piece let your beauty shine! Style made simple by Mint & Heart…”

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