Featured Customer of the Week – Kelly of RiverSongJewelry Design

This week we are featuring Kelly of RiverSongJewelry Design! Kelly makes stunning custom stamped jewelry with a personal twist. Check out her story below:

River Songs Jewelry Design

I love designing jewelry that is a little different and that is an original and not a copy, Something that speaks to you when you see the right piece.

Show who you are and express yourself because we are all different and we are all an original and why not express that through your jewelry?

I look for supplies and pieces that are a little different and that I think will make an interesting piece.

My designs are a little different from other jewelry designers but I enjoy making OOAK (one of a kind) designs.

Why have the same thing everyone else has? Be original and stand out and express who you are and my jewelry does this.

I am creating everyday new pieces that will catch your eye and soul , That will speak to you if its the right piece.

So express yourself through your jewelry, Find a design that says YOU and wear it with pride knowing it expresses who you are and how you feel!!

Remember an original is worth so much more than a copy!!!

river song jewelry

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