Featured Customer of the Week – Tif of Peach Treats

This week we are featuring Tif of Peach Treats! Tif makes marvelous gauged piercings and fake gauges for the rest of us! Her use of polymer clay, metal, and stone makes for a real treat, check out her story below:


“I have always loved to create things. From painting with acrylic, oil and watercolor, to throwing ceramic clay on a wheel. From detailed bead work to resin; metalwork and poetry.

I worked as an HR manager for 10 years at a corporate company and finally realized that my heart wasn’t where it should be. I started making jewelry for myself and had such a huge positive response from friends and family that I decided to move forward with my artistic dream. In 2010, after selling my artwork on Etsy for nearly 2 years, I quit my job and went head first into being a full time artist. My gratitude extends to all of those who helped me move toward my dream!
My team and I strive to make every item unique, one-of-a-kind and customizable. I want every customer to be ecstatic about their order, and will do everything in my power to make that so. I am continually growing and working toward new designs, new projects, and new techniques.”


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