Featured Customer of the Week – Julie Thelen of Jewels by Jules

This week we are featuring Julie Thelen of Jewels by Jules! Julie has a fabulous sense of color and makes stunning textured and colored jewelry that is joy to look at and to wear! Check out her story here:Julie Thelen

What started out as a simple, innocent watch repair quickly turned into a serious love affair with beads. Julie Thelen, lover of all things earthy, genuine, beautiful and unique, has been designing jewelry for more than 10 years. Her specialty is making high-quality, one-of-a-kind wearable art with components made by other artisans. She also loves the challenge of custom orders. Julie is a proud member of the international organization for the Self-Representing Artist in Jewelry Design — SRAJD 2335. You can find Julie’s jewels on Etsy at juliethelen.etsy.com.

PicMonkey Collagebvch

Most exciting for Julie, she received a note from the editorial staff of Belle Armoire Jewelry, a publication that showcases handmade wearable art, accessories, and artisan jewelry. They have been perusing her Etsy site, love her work and want to feature it in upcoming issues! This would be the first time Julie will be published and she is incredibly excited for the opportunity! Keep an eye out for her work in a future issue!

Julies Jewels

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