Featured Customer of the Week – Jennifer Valentine of SacredCake

This week we are featuring Jennifer Valentine of Sacred Cake! Jennifer makes colorful and meaningful jewelry that has the most delicious vintage vibe. Her creations are sure to bring a touch of class to any outfit you wear them with! Check out her story:

“At Sacred Cake, every piece tells a story. Your story matters…make it beautiful.

jennifer valentine

My assemblage journey began in 1978, when I was 9. I was beginning the barbie craze phase and loved being creative with my best friend Robin. We would regularly visit the curb-sides on garbage day to see what we could find…advertisements became barbie doll magazines, styrofoam cups became furniture, boxes became castles…
As I grew older, I often accompanied my mother to antique shops and loved exploring the dark corners among the stacks of old dressers and chairs. The antiques spoke to me, a language of mystery and beauty.
My first apartment was completely furnished with furniture I found along the roadways, in dumpsters and alleys. All made fresh with a thick coat of white paint…I suppose I have been re-purposing things my entire life! I have always been drawn to old things, tattered linens, antique cigar boxes and suitcases, and anything with an obvious story to tell.
When I was 40 and my children were older, I became inspired to put my assemblage artwork on Etsy, which was well received and loved. I always added something sparkling to my dark and shabby creations.
PicMonkey Collage2 The message being that even in the the darkest moments, the light will come.
This is something I believe in, because I have lived it. I have seen the darkness, and I have witnessed the light come, always.
The draw to make jewelry from pieces and parts and remnants from the past…bringing them together to create something new and meaningful, became important to me. I wanted people to be able to wear the artwork I created. I wanted more meaning in my own adornment.
I feel like jewelry is an extension of who we are, and perhaps it should tell a story of us, as well as a story of where the pieces used for recreationing came from, married to one another to form a new bond of love, with my hands.
Cover 1
I am an officiant of love that you can wear…
so that you can remember that in the darkest moments, the light will come.
It will.”

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