Featured Customer of the Week – Sara Herrin of Aqua Anchor Designs

This week we are featuring Sara Herrin of Aqua Anchor Designs! Sara makes wonderful wire wrapped bangles that add a splash of color and hint of fun to any outfit. Check out her story!

Aqua Anchor Designs

“Hi, I’m Sara Herrin, wife to Clint, Mama to Lucas. As a Southern Belle, I stay true to my roots making handcrafted jewelry full of Southern Charm. At Aqua Anchor Designs, you’ll find several designs of Shotgun Shell jewelry, Bangles and any other item I believe a Southern Belle would appreciate!
Sara Herrin I opened shop in November 2013 in an attempt to supplement our income so we could pay down our debt even faster than we were already doing. Our end goal is to be debt free with Mama- that’s me- home with our son, Lucas. Then, in the beginning of 2014, I got an opportunity to go from full-time work to part-time work. The extra time I have to spend working on my jewelry, which is much more rewarding than working outside of the home, has been great! But more than that, the extra time I get to spend with Lucas is so rewarding and now I’m that much closer to being home with Lucas. I’m hopeful that Aqua Anchor Designs will continue to grow and make me a full time Stay at Home/Work at Home Mama.”

Sara Herrin Aqua Anchor Designs

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