Complementary Colors

When making jewelry, one of the first choices that has to be made is what color the piece will be.  As with any other design work, the color of the piece is very important.  Colors influence everything from the way people’s eyes will travel over the piece, to the mood it will set.

Complementary colors are a large part of these decisions, and they’re what I would like to talk to you about today.  In order to talk about complementary colors, it’s necessary to first travel back to grade school where the color wheel was introduced.  This is the color wheel I would like to show you today, I’ve gone ahead and put some arrows on it in order to illustrate my point.

Complementary Colors
UnkamenSupplies Color Chart


As you can see I’ve drawn arrows across the color wheel, linking red and green, yellow and orange, purple and yellow….ect.

These combinations that are common in design, used everywhere from magazines to Christmas decorations.   The reason, is that the colors are easy to read, they make elements “pop”.  For this reason, they ‘re called complementary colors.

The way complementary colors get used in UnkamenSupplies designs is easy to see in things like this Christmas bracelet which features red and green rings, or these earrings which feature turquoise and red.  I encourage you to take a look at whether you’re using complementary colors in your work.  I’ll certainly be paying more attention to it in the future.

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