Featured Customer of the Week – Melissa of CadronCreekSoapworks

This week we are featuring Melissa of CadronCreekSoapworks! Melissa makes delicious-smelling soaps the old fashioned way, as well as dabbling in jewelry. My whole family loves her soaps, and my wife especially likes the eucalyptus laundry soap – she is hooked! Check out Melissa’s story:

“I love making soap.

I make an old fashioned, traditional olive oil castile soap and I make it from scratch. I am something of a purist…I like things simple and well done with the highest quality ingredients I can find. Quality takes time and purity requires restraint.
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My soap is basic and simple. Olive oil, rainwater, and lye is the basic traditional castile recipe. Yes, I have to use lye…it saponifies the oils/fats and turns them into soap. It is a necessary component to make soap but is not present in soap once it is properly made. You will also find my Aloe Shea Butter soaps (made with aloe vera juice instead of water and shea butter added to the olive oil) and my Goat Milk Castile soaps (made with fresh goats milk….yes, I do know the goats personally).
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I really enjoy making soap and it isn’t just a creative outlet. Many of these bars have purpose. While the pretty fragrances are the bread and butter of the shop, my true passion lies with herbal infused soap, essential oils, and clay soaps. With these bars, the soap becomes a vehicle for nature’s powerful healers. It is simply amazing what your body can do if you just stop putting junk on it.”
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