Chainmaille and Square Jump Rings

Calculating Aspect Ratio with Square Wire Rings

Square wire jump rings have become very popular, and with the ever-widening range of square wires available, it is easy to use square rings in all of your favorite weaves! It is good to keep in mind that using square jump rings is different than using round jump rings.  You can not use the same size square jump ring as round jump ring when making a chainmaille weave.  Let me show you how to convert jump ring sizes from round wire to square wire so that you can start using square rings today!

The magic number is 1.133!

Seriously, it’s that easy, et me show you:

In order to convert a round jump ring size to a square wire size

  • Multiply the ID (inside diameter) by 1.133

Let me give you an example.  I’ll calculate what size square jump ring it takes to make Jens Pind in 20 gauge.

  • To make Jens Pind in 20 gauge round jump rings requires jump rings with a 2.4mm ID
  • To make Jens Pind in 20 gauge square jump rings requires jump rings with a  (2.4mm * 1.133) about 2.7mm ID

Of course, like all calculations based on aspect ratio, these numbers are approximate.  In a perfect world, they would come out perfectly.  Unfortunately , we have to deal with wire that changes based on the manufacturer, or even on when you purchased the wire.  Aspect ratio is a good starting place, but the only true way to decide whether a size will work is to try it out.


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