Square Half Persian 3 in 1

Have you ever tried Half Persian 3 in 1?  I’ve posted about it a few times before.  In this video my daughter discusses several different variations of the Persian chainmaille weaves, and in this blog post I talked about how the weave varied depending on the aspect ratio used.

Yesterday I tried something I haven’t done before.  SQUARE Persian 3 in 1.  I used three different sizes of rings.  You can see how as I increased the diameter of the ring the weave became more flat.  Only one of these sizes will be my standard size, and YOU get to choose!  I’ve numbered the weaves 1, 2, and 3, starting at the bottom left and moving toward the top right of the picture.

Weave 1 uses 16 gauge 6.5mm ID square jump rings

Weave 2 uses 16 gauge 7mm ID square jump rings

Weave 3 uses 16 gauge 7.5mm ID square jump rings

Leave a comment below letting me know which version you guys like best, and which one you think I should sell!

14 thoughts on “Square Half Persian 3 in 1

  1. I love the middle one #2 it looks the sleekest and most comfortable. #1 is gorgeous too but looks a bit like the chains are too tight not as much movement. I love movement when I wear your designs. But as usual they are all gorgeous. Happy holidays to all. Kim

  2. I made a stainless steel flat one that looks very similar to #1. A shame there’s no video twisting and turning the weave, because with that tight a weave it’s still very flexible, but the extra height of the top ring gives it more angles, sparkly light off the flat parts of the rings, and lovely deep shadows because of the increased angles. My vote is #1!

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