A Year in Review – Featured Customers of 2014!

At the beginning of this year, I had a loyal customer send me a photo of some of the pieces they had made using my supplies and they were fantastic! I wondered what other cool creations my creative customers had and I came up with a way to find out and share with everyone! Hence, my featured customer posts started.

What better way to share then to write a short article, gather up as many pictures of beautiful items as I can, and include it in my weekly newsletter?

I have featured 55 of my wonderful customers this year – are YOU interested in being featured next? Either leave a comment with your Etsy shop name or send me a message on Etsy and let me know!

Here are the collages I created for each customer feature from this past year. I look forward to seeing what new pieces and people I get to spotlight in the new year!

Customer Features 1 Read about everyone featured so far in my archives here!




Featured Customers 2

Featured Customers 3

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