Featured Customer of the Week – Sharri Moroshok of TheBeadedBead

This week we are featuring Sharri Momoshok of TheBeadedBead! Sharri not only uses beads and makes jewelry, but she makes her own beautiful beads as well! Check out her story:

“I began doing beadwork in 1993. I saw a picture of some beaded beads in a book and became fascinated with this miniature art form. It was difficult and fortunate all at the same time because no one was teaching techniques for making beaded beads back then. This forced me to develop my own technique and aesthetic. After many years of traveling to show and sell my work and teaching workshops, I now work exclusively in my backyard studio at my home in North Florida, USA. I am surrounded by my husband’s glorious garden and up to my eyeballs in beaded beads!
Here in my Etsy shop I offer beaded bead tutorials and kits as well as beading supplies. And, of course, you will find my finished beaded bead jewelry and loose Designer Beaded Beads.
Every one of my beaded beads is hand stitched by me one tiny bead at a time. It is, as they say, a labor of love. Welcome to my little beaded bead universe!”

PicMonkey Collage2

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