Featured Customer of the Week – Kimberly of NorthAtlanticArt

This week we are featuring Kimberly of NorthAtlanticArt! Kimberly has an eye for color and composition with pearls, stones crystals and links that is out of this world! Check out her story and her creations below:North Atlantic Art

“I have been making jewelry for years. I love making one of a kind, unique and versatile pieces of jewelry, aka wearable art. I am a perfectionist and make sure every creation is spectacular!

A bit about myself…I am happily married to a wonderfully supportive husband, who loves how creative I am! I have a daughter and a son who are a year apart and keep me on my toes! Now that they are in school, I was able to take the leap and open an Etsy store…it has been a huge learining experience and I am open to all forms of advice. If you like my jewelry, let me know…even if you do not like my jewelry, let me know why?!?
Cover 4
I am always evolving as an artist, wife, mom, friend, daughter…and I love to learn. I also have several autoimmune diseases…with the most prominent right now are Lupus (SLE) and Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). I try to not let my diseases run my life, but that is easier said than done, sometimes. I know there are many of you out there, just like me…my illnesses do shape my art…I use a lot of toggle clasps because they are easy to open and close if your fingers are stiff and swollen…I use leverbacks on my earrings for the same reason..stiff and swollen fingers can’t always thread long fish hooks through and ear lobe or put a backing onto a post….I love my versatile pieces that can be worn as a bracelet, or various ways as a necklace…that is the MOM in me…practical and thrifty…I LOVE when a creative piece provides options!!!

I am also an animal lover and I work with a local animal shelter, helping any way I can and I have even had the privlege of fostering pregnant animals in my home. I currently have two rescued golden retrievers named Fergus(1.5 yrs) and Oliver(10wks)…(Patrick, Indy and Teton, my three other rescued goldens, passed away, all within a year of each other)…I have eleven kitties and one guinea pig and very many vet bills 🙂 Ha Ha….Like I said, I have a wonderful and supportive husband.
Cover 2
This is my story…and I would love to hear your story. Thank you so much for visiting my store. I love to create special jewels for special memories. Please let me know what you would like to create together! My favorite is custom work with customers….visit me here,www.etsy.com/shop/northatlanticart

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