Featured Customer of the Week – Myra Graham of ArtistInJewelry

This week we are featuring Myra of ArtistInJewelry! Myra make beautiful reset vintage stone jewelry that is both timeless and fresh, just waiting to be admired. Check out her story:

ArtistInJewelry by Myra

“I wanted to create a shop that was inspired by Classic or Old Hollywood Inspired Jewelry. This timeless Retro Glam style reminds us of the elegance and romance of the period, and this inspired me to create these beautiful pieces.

I use Vintage Swarovski Crystals, Vintage Crystals, Glass and Rhinestones. I inspect all my pieces so that you will receive crystals without chips, but please remember, these are vintage stones. I do make a point of selecting the best pieces for this shop.


Hand set in either gold – silver – gunmetal or antique brass (plated) prong settings. This brings out the colors of the crystals and makes the crystals sparkle and shine beautifully. I fell in ♥ with the way the Crystals adds a pop of color on me. And the sparkle when your out side or in a lit room is Beautiful.

I live in the Beautiful Bay Area of California. Most evening – I’m in my loft working or getting ready for my next show. All the items that you see in my shop is really to ship and is normally shipped the next day. The only item I outsource is shipping (my husband), I design, create, photograph, package, and it’s still a work in progress.”

ArtistInJewelry 2

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