Featured Customer of the Week – Han of Haneelove

This week we are featuring Han of Haneelove! Han makes beautiful, simple, and striking jewelry with delicate links, petite stones,and elegant connectors. Check out her story below!

“Han is my name. Haneelove, or love from Han, is the result of combining my passion and love of handcrafting.

Haneelove Cover 1

In my life, there were moments that I would never forget. I remembered giving my first handmade card to my dad on his birthday. Or when my mom smiled when she received some tissue paper flowers made by me. The moment when my boyfriend got a jar of handcrafted stars that I spent more than a month to finish. The only reason for me to make something with my own two hands is to make people around me happy. I brought the same vision to open my shop on April 2013 to hopefully spread the love to everyone.
cover 3
All of the items you will find in my shop have been imagined and created by me. I make them all with my passion and a sense of fulfillment in order to bring you the best products, just for you or for someone you love.

I love knowing that something I made could give someone else such a happiness.”
Haneelove 4
“Le point de départ de toute réalisation est le désir. Un faible donne des résultats faibles.”

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