Can I Oxidize This?

That is a great question! What metals CAN you oxidize?

can I ox this

Why can’t you oxidize those metals?

  • Aluminum – Requires specialized equipment, chemicals, and skill to anodize, a different process than oxidizing
  • Enamel Coated Copper – The enamel coating protects the metal, leaving no raw surface to react with
  • Niobium – Because it’s a reactive metal
  • Non-tarnish (Anything) – The non-tarnish coating keeps the metal from tarnishing and therefore, oxidizing
  • Some Plated Metals – Because they have a lightweight clear coating on them to keep them bright.
  • Titanium – Because it’s a reactive metal

2 thoughts on “Can I Oxidize This?

    1. Cubic zirconia, glass and manmade gemstones will be unharmed by LOS. Most natural gemstones will be unaffected with some exceptions. Turquoise, Lapis, shell, pearls and other soft stones should not come into contact with LOS as they are porous and could be damaged. You also may need to consider how heat may affect your stones and adjust accordingly.

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