Featured Customer of the Week – Denise Fitzsimmons of Inspiredeesigns

This week I am featuring a loyal customer, Denise Fitzsimmons of Inspiredeesigns! Denise makes a wide veriaty of hand crafted jewelry that is sure to delight! Check out her story:

inspiredeesigns feature

“My name is Denise Fitzsimmons. By day, I am a high school Spanish teacher in Danbury, Connecticut. By afternoon and night, I am the owner and designer of Inspiredeesigns.I started creating jewelry on a whim one day after looking at a piece of jewelry, falling in love with it, and THEN looking at the price tag! I decided at that moment that I could create that same necklace at a fraction of the designer cost!

Inspiredeesigns by deniseSo, I set out to learn all I could about wire, beads, metals, and design. I started with simple beading on string and struggled through crimp beads, crimp covers, wire guardians, and the like. I then moved onto wire wrapping, wire working, hammering, and finally stamping. I have never taken a class, although  I teach jewelry classes, and I learned everything I know by watching You Tube videos and asking lots and lots of questions (most of them to Ralph, sorry!).

Denise Fitzsimmons

I now combine my love of metal, wire, stamping, and beads to create a variety of bangles, necklaces, and earrings. I started a Jewelry Club at the high school where I teach, and I am proud to pass along my love for jewelry design with my students!  My jewelry can be found at www.etsy.com/shop/inspiredeesigns and on Face Book at Inspiredeesigns.”

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