Spring Renewal

Spring is in the air and it is the traditional time to think of renewal and fresh beginnings. This is especially on my mind this Spring as my aorta vale needs renewal, or more accurately, replacing. My cardiologist has been closely monitoring its function for 5 years knowing that one year would be the year to replace it. That time is now as is it still functioning adequately, but that is all. This will require about a week in the hospital (St Luke’s in Houston), another week in Houston for follow up, and then 2 months of recovery at home. All of my other health checks and tests revealed a very healthy guy who is an ideal surgical candidate and the docs give me a 98% chance of a full recovery. My surgery is scheduled for 3.24.15.
My wife, Karen and my Production Manager and Junior Engineer, Jonathan Luer, have a plan in place to cover all aspects of my work during my absence and recovery. I have had several people in training for the past year, knowing at some point I would need to step back from 12 hour days. I have 3 engineering students, a graduate engineer, my son, Byron and daughter, Leah, along with several other excellent artisans so Unkamen will carry on.
When you send an email or convo, you will be talking to one of them and they will be able to assist you in your order placement or any other questions.
While I do expect everything to go smoothly, I do anticipate that some orders may take longer to fill. If you need your order right away, please let my staff know. If you can wait, I am offering a discount of 15% off your entire order. Your order MAY ship right away, but it may not and I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. Use this COUPON CODE: SaveNowShipLater
All the best!

Helmrich photos

15 thoughts on “Spring Renewal

  1. Thinking of you and your family Ralph, best wishes for surgery I’m sure it will all go well.
    take care.

  2. What is most important is your health and family. My prayers. Your store and talent have been a continued inspiration for me and my small Etsy store.

  3. Dear Ralph / Family ~ sending thoughts of safe journey for your surgery and speedy peaceful recovery. You’ve got an amazing family and network all around you!

      1. Oh, I’m so glad! I was scrolling down looking for post-surgery news. I’ve never ordered from you before, but I am about to. Your prices are good, and the fact that you yourself use all the gear you sell is a huge confidence-builder. I really appreciate the “my pick for” designations!
        Do you now have a pig valve?

      2. That’s GOOD. Those work the best. Plus, it gives your family something to joke about for the rest of time.

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