Featured Customer of the Week – Randi Kuhne of GypsyInMyBlood

This week we are featuring Randi Kuhne of GypsyInMyBlood! Rani makes stunning jewelry that has a touch of the organic and a lot of elegance! Check out her story below:cover 2

“I’d like to say my story starts and ends with me. But of course it doesn’t. I’m a product of the people before me, the people around me, and the person within me. And my story will continue through those who come after me. It’s all about being affected by and affecting the lives, creativity, hopes and dreams of others. That’s what my shop is. My part of the continuum, in the midst of the universal energy, and how it might touch your life, or be touched by yours (I love feedback!) That’s the “inside” story of my shop.
cover 3The “outside” story is that I outgrew my other shop, FairyLynne, or more accurately, decided to take a different path. Step 1, gathering, is the biggest aspect of my creativity. I have to keep accumulating – supplies and ideas – until I feel I have the resources to move forward to step 2, actually making things. That’s where I am now. Just stepping out, a few items at a time, testing the waters and seeing what works.”

Gypsy Cover2

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