Featured Customer of the Week – Sarah Croy of EssentialOilWear

This week we are featuring Sarah Croy of EssentialoilWear! Srah makes fun, delicate jewelry that you can put your favorite essential oils into! The tiny bottles are sure to delight as well as offer practical use for years. Check out her story below:EssentialOilWear cover

“I absolutely love feeling prepared and capable of caring for myself and my family’s health – to know at that first sign of an earache that I can relieve pain and avoid antibiotics, or make an owie feel better with a simple homemade spray. I also happen to love fabulous jewelry. I rarely leave the house without at least a necklace on.

cover 3Naturally, being able to wear my favorite essentials seemed the obvious choice. After looking around the internet, I was shocked to see how expensive what I found was, and with very little variety. So I started making my own, seeking out quality findings and pieces and putting my creative hands to work.
I hope you like what you see, find what you need, or request what would make your day. Thanks for checking out my shop, and please stop by frequently, i’m always adding something new.”

EssentialOilWear 1

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