Featured Customer of the Week – Elisabeth of Emtabby!

This week we are featuring Elisabeth of Emtabby! Elisabeth makes adorable Scrabble tile and bottle cap creations for every occasion! Check out her story:

Emtabby Cover 4

“America is the land of opportunity

When I first came to live in the USA with my family I was busy with my house and was not aware that Etsy existed. A supplier from Ebay told me about Etsy and I checked it out, and there and then I was hooked. I thought people are so talented in this country I want to be part of this world of wonders.
cover 3 I had been making cards in England but I was not sure anymore that this was my craft, I wanted to do something else. The swimming pool I was a member of decided to make a fundraiser to keep afloat and I wanted to help so I had a few beads lying around and bought wire and other things and made some jewelry, very basic but it sold. Then I thought, I like this, so I went buying more wire, more beads, more everything and that’s how I started, just because I helped my neighborhood swimming pool and people liked my stuff.
Emtabby Cover 2 Because I love kids I decided to concentrate on kids necklaces made from bottle caps and it spiraled from there, I went to keychains, nurses badges ID, etc…I still sell jewelry at craft shows during Christmas and Easter holidays although my shop has very few items of this nature.”

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