Featured Customer of the Week – Cindy Barnes of masterPEACEdesign

This week we are featuring Cindy Barnes of masterPEACEesign! Cindy makes heartfelt jewelry to mark special occasions, commemorate friendships, and most of all, to remember loved ones. Check out all of her beautiful creations and her story below:


“My life has been filled with many many blessings, one of them being this little niche, my corner of the world called masterPEACEdesign where I create custom jewelry and gifts. In Honor of my LiL Rudy Valentino My Blessing is in Creating Custom KEEPSAKE Memorial Jewelry for your Fur-Angels. I love to HONOR them with their picture and story in my store in what I love to call:

masterPEACEdesigns (he)ART GALLERY

This is truly where I spend my quiet time, my creative time, my Prayer time and what I like to call…..

…spending time in my: wo”MAN” Cave!
I stand AMAZED that DREAMS truly do come true if you have the Ruby Red Slippers and the Faith to Believe!!! (smile) …

enJOY your visit and thank you for stopping by!!”

cover 4

One thought on “Featured Customer of the Week – Cindy Barnes of masterPEACEdesign

  1. I want so badly to get a memorial horse necklace of my best friend of 32 years who left us in November but all you items are so beautiful I can not decide… absolutely love your work. Very touching and stunning. 💙

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