Top 10 Most Popular Wires – An Unkamen List

When talking to a new acquaintance I am often asked “What is your most popular item?”.  “Wire!” is my immediate response.

Generally they follow up with, “What kind of wire?”.

top 10 most popular wires

That is a little bit harder question to answer.  We carry so many different kinds of wire it can be hard to discern which ones are most sought after by you, the crafters, chainmaillers, and wire wrappers who make UnkamenSupplies successful.  However, after long hours of toiling away with spreadsheets I have tallied the numbers and come up with our most popular wire products from the last 6 months!

  • Solid Titanium:

With a light grey-silver tone, slightly matte finish, and hypoallergenic properties, titanium has taken the jewelry-making world by storm. It can be cut, wound, filled, shaped, anodized, bent, and flame colored.  Titanium is a lightweight alternative to stainless steel, sterling silver, or silver filled.


  • Fine Silver with a Copper Core:

Solid copper wire coated in a heavy layer of Fine Silver, this wire has a lovely half hard temper that makes it ideal for most wire wrapping projects. It can also be oxidized and soldered, unlike many other wires with a copper core. Fine Silver Copper Core is a wonderful budget-friendly substitution for sterling silver.


  • Non Tarnish Brass:

Love the look of solid brass but don’t love the tarnish that can come with it? Try non tarnish brass! It is still a solid metal(no plating), but it has a clear coating to protect the surface. This wire is half hard, perfect for many jewelry designs.


  • Non Tarnish Silver Plate:

Another wire with a copper core, Non Tarnish Silver Plated wire has a thin silver plating with a clear protective coating over it to prevent tarnish and scratches. A little softer than half hard, the weight the copper adds to this wire brings a solid feel to jewelry.


  • Non Tarnish Gold Colored:

Similar to non tarnish silver plated wire, Non Tarnish Gold Colored wire has a copper core, gold-toned enamel baked on, and then a clear non tarnish coating over everything. Also about 1/4 hard, it is the gold counterpart of non tarnish silver plated wire.


  • Solid Niobium:

Nothing beats the flexibility of niobium! This metal starts out a soft grey-silver color and can be anodized to 12 different color options: vintage bronze, dark purple, dark blue, steel blue, yellow, peach, pink, bright purple, bright blue, green, peacock rainbow, and black. It has a medium weight and wire wraps well.  As if that wasn’t enough, Niobium is also hypoallergenic, perfect for people with sensitive skin!

Peacock Niobium Wire

  • Solid Copper:

A classic go-to for wire wrappers, chainmaillers, and crafters, solid copper has a rich color and wonderful weight. It can be oxidized to many different colors and is easy to work with. Raw copper can be sealed with a wax or spray sealant to protect the clean surface or oxidized colors.

  • Rich Low Brass:

Often known as Merlin’s Gold, Nu Gold, Jewelers Brass, or Red Brass, Rich Low Brass is a great solid metal choice when you are looking for a warm gold tone. It has no coating so it can be soldered, filled, cast, or oxidized and is great for wire wrapping. Raw brass is also naturally anti-bacterial!

  •  Rose Gold Colored:

Also an enameled copper wire, this one has a soft rose gold colored enamel that is a beautiful addition to the metal spectrum used in jewelry. Rose Gold Colored Wire is 1/4 hard and protected by a non tarnish coating just like Non Tarnish Gold Colored and Non Tarnish Silver Plated wire.


  •  Black Iron:

Rustic, sturdy, and a little off the beaten path, black iron is a unique addition to any piece. Solid iron with a dark black-brown oxide, this wire is oiled to prevent rust. Black Iron can be wrapped and hammered like any other solid metal. Just be prepared to clean your tools a little afterwards! The black patina will wear off over time or while shaping, however it can be protected with a wax or spray sealant.UKS-BlackIron_grande

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