GoT Inspired Kits Wrap Up

It was quite a season of GoT! For our final week, we are giving you a chance to win it ALL as well as pick up any kits you missed out on! Through June 28th, take a look at the list, make the required purchase and in the notes when you check out, answer the question to get your free kit. To be entered to win it ALL – 1 each of the 10 kits, you can:

1. Post your answer to one of the 10 questions here. Answer one or answer them all, but leave one answer per comment please.

2. Earn another chance to win by also leaving your answer on our Facebook Page.

GOT Final

1. Dragon Armor Bangle – Free with $20 purchase – What was your favorite special effect in the show?

2. Votive Candle Holder – Free with $76 purchase – What character would you like to meet in real life?

3. Cersei necklace – Free with $20 purchase – What would you say to Cersei if you could?

4. Copper Arm Cuff – Free with $35 purchase – What would you name your sword?

5. Margaery’s Rose Choker – Free with $24 purchase – What character would you like to play?

6. Chunky Copper Bracelet – Free with $18 purchase – What would you do if you found a dragon egg?

7. Dragonscale Bracelet – Free with $40 purchase – Where in Westeros or Essos would you want to vacation?

8. Crochet Circlet – Free with $16 purchase – What would you do with a loan from the Bank of Braavos?

9. Hand Flower – Free with $65 purchase – Where would you ride a dragon?

10. Bangles – Free with:

$9.00 Purchase – Non Tarnish Silver Plated Bangle with Fish Charm
$9.00 Purchase – Non Tarnish Gold Colored Bangle with Stag Charm
$14.00 Purchase – Stainless Steel with Wolf Charm
$20.00 Purchase – Niobium with Dragon Charm
$33.00 Purchase – Sterling Silver with Lion Charm
$85.00 Purchase – All Five Bangles

– Which house will rule the Iron Throne?

Winner will be announced on June 30th! Good luck!

12 thoughts on “GoT Inspired Kits Wrap Up

  1. I think I’d answer which house should sit on the Iron Throne with Stark, because they deserve a break. I think it’s wishfull thinking, but hey ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. I’m a huge Daenerys fan! She’s a strong woman, fair, and very determined. If she had an army, I think she could take the throne that is rightfully hers ๐Ÿ™‚ With that being said, I think the Starks will end up on the Iron Throne.

  3. House Targaryen will rule the Iron Throne, as soon as Dany gets her arse in gear and fetches her dragons over to Westeros smile emoticon

  4. What I would say to Cersei? “Cersei, may I introduce you to Karma?, You seem to have much to discuss…” Oh, and be cautious, Karma can be a bitch….”

  5. Thank you ALL for not only participating this week but every week of our 2015 GoT Inspired promotions! Congratulations to Jeannine Alexander for winning the grand prize!

    1. Thank you! I’m really excited. I look forward to stretching my skill set with some new weaves and Macrame.

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