UnkamenSupplies Videos

If you don’t follow us on YouTube you may not have noticed that we’ve been making videos pretty steadily over the last few years.  At last count we’re up to just over 60!  One of the problems we’ve had with our videos is that they were terribly disorganized.

You may have noticed the trend, or perhaps the trail, that has been blazing through our website.  Organization is the name of the game this summer, and the videos were no exception.

You can find our videos in the Tips Tricks & Tutorials section of our website.

UnkamenSupplies Videos

Inside of Tips Tricks &Tutorials you will find three sections.  Video Tips, Video Tricks, and Video Tutorials. A total surprise right?  Jokes aside, we’ve organized our videos into those three sections based on what we think the video’s purpose is.

  • Video Tips contains all kinds of useful information
  • Video Tricks contains all kinds of useful skills
  • Video Tutorials is full of guides on how to put together some of the trickier kits in our store

I hope that you take a few minutes to check out one of our videos, and bookmark them so you can find them again another day.  If there’s any video topic you think we’ve missed feel free to let us know!  We don’t plan to stop making videos any time soon.

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