Featured Customer of the Week – Claire of AdenandClaire

This week we are featuring Claire, of AdenandClaire! Claire makes beautiful dainty jewelry that is perfect for both dressing up and everyday wear. Check out her story!

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“I am a work from home mother of two and began my jewelry business in 2010. I love Jesus, pretty things, traveling, home diy projects, reading, and exercising. I enjoy being creative with my hands and mind and crafting something others can enjoy every day.

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I began making jewelry as an adult in 2010 as a creative outlet when my daughter was still a baby. From as far back as I can remember I have always had a love for jewelry, especially dainty and sparkly styles. My inspiration comes from classic and vintage style jewelry. I like so many different kinds of jewelry and was that little girl who changed her hair and outfit constantly just to experiment in fashion. To me jewelry completes the outfit of the day.

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So many of my customers have told me that they appreciate the simple classic style of
Aden and Claire Jewelry. I strive to keep a collection that reflects simple beauty and to create pieces that can be mixed and matched yet classic enough to be worn every day.”

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