Featured Customer of the Week – Margie Sarrao of FunNFiber

This week we are featuring Margie Sarro of FunNFiber! Margie combines colors and fibers to create delightful jewelry for one and all! Check out her story:

PicMonkey Collage3

Born and raised in Southern California, I am definitely a “Sun and Sand” gal. After college, I got married and my husband “dragged” me to New Mexico for work. I’ve been here 18+ years now. My son’s were born and raised here (well, they’re almost done being raised here). Now, New Mexico is home. It’s colors inspire me every day: green mountains (golden in fall), winter white, blue lakes and skies, warm sunshine, red mesas, colorful wild flowers, and dry desert sands. I also enjoy traveling and the colors of distant (and not-so-distant) locals inspire me, as well. Of course, I remember the colors of California: oceans, beaches, mountains, cities. I’ve also traveled to other states in the U.S. and a variety of countries in Europe.

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Since living here I’ve developed an interest in stones: especially geodes, turquoise, and agates. Also in found objects and metals. How is it that objects I once paid no attention to, now fascinate me?!? Perhaps it is my boys’ influence…..

Color. I’ve always been drawn to it. Jewelry is the perfect way for anyone to wear color. It’s great in the fall and winter when we tend to wear darker clothes and it’s perfect in the spring and summer when nature emerges around us. Colorful necklaces especially draw others’ attention to your face, which is what we all want.

Over the years I’ve painted in oil, quilted, made jewelry, scrapbooked, knitted, done ceramics and more. When my boys were born, I gave much of this up, due to time constraints. A few years ago I started painting and making jewelry again. Now that my boys are all in high school (and the oldest is driving), I have more time and decided to open up a shop on Etsy.

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I especially love making necklaces. I really like to make unique pieces that you won’t see “just anywhere.” I want each piece to be a creative one-of-a-kind work of art that you will be proud to wear. I believe in using “natural” materials from metal to 100% wool/linen/hemp fibers, glass and stone. I also make my own clay beads which, like nature, are never symmetrical.

I hope you love my designs, too.

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