How to Securely Glue with E6000


1. Clean the surfaces of the two pieces to be glued together with a light swipe of rubbing alcohol, but not with soap.
2. Rough both pieces lightly, using a fine file or a nail board, making sure to brush away any dust from filling.
3. Put a small drop of E6000 on the one of the pieces, keeping in mind that the drop will spread.
4. Use firm pressure and press the pieces together, making sure that the glue is evenly distributed as it is pressed down.
5. Clean up any adhesive that might have spilled elsewhere on your piece.
6. Let the glue set for about 10 minutes undisturbed.
7. Once the pieces are glued together, put them on an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet.
8. Turn on the oven and heat to 185 degrees.
9. After 10 minutes, place cookie sheet with your pieces in the oven for about for 2 hours.
10. Turn off the oven and allow the cookie sheet to sit in the oven for about 24 hours before wearing or displaying.

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One thought on “How to Securely Glue with E6000

  1. Thank you for the awesome tip of baking the items with E6000!! I’ve never had luck with E6000 glue, nor any glue, so I’ve had to adapt my designs. I am excited to be able to glue things!

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