Featured Customer of theWeek – Corey of CoreyWatsonArt

This week we are featuring Corey of CoreyWatsonArt! Corey makes fantastically textured and patterned copper pieces, as well as painting stunning watercolors! Check out her story:

PicMonkey Collage4

“My story began as a little girl. I started drawing and painting at a very young age. after college I opened a custom framing shop to support my art “habit” – at the same time I began promoting and selling my art, first locally then slowly in galleries around the country – all while being a mom and running my frame shop full time. I started my etsy shop in 2007, but did almost nothing with it due to being busy as a mom, wife and shop owner.

PicMonkey Collage3
Everything except my shop ended up on the back burner because I was getting so busy. I knew something needed to change because I felt nothing was worth missing my kids growing up – so with the birth of my third child and decided it was time to cut back on something – mostly because I did not want to miss any more of the mommy experience. I closed my frame shop and decided to be a full time mom and artist. I re-organized my studio and got to work! I got back to painting which had also been put on the back burner.

PicMonkey Collage2

Then, in mid 2014 I began to play with making jewelry with metal, found objects, sandblasting, beads etc… which I love because I found I could mix materials and layer much like I do with my work on canvas…. also with the great response I had to my jewelry I decided it was time to start selling it along with my paintings on a full time basis, so here I am…… enjoying my children and creating art full time!
I create my own work to sell but I also do commission work and on most of my work I will do wholesale as well.”

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